The LT260 Series is designed to measure liquid level in a wide variety of applications.

The compact, loop-powered LT260 provides continuous, non-contacting level measurement. With a measuring range of 26ft (8m) the LT260 will accommodate a wide range of applications.

The large LCD display, 4 status lights and 5 button keypad make setup and operation quick and easy.


  • Low Cost
  • High Accuracy
  • Non-Contact Measurement
  • No Moving Parts
  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Built-in Temperature Compensation
  • Programmable 4-20mA Output
  • Selectable Transducer Power Level
  • Adjustable Damping
  • Displays Level, Distance or Space
  • Loss of Echo Indicator
  • Interface this level sensor with the FLOMOTION DR5000 Chart Recorder


  • Bulk Chemical Storage
  • Pump Stations
  • Clarifiers
  • Filtration Levels
  • River Level Monitoring
  • Trash Rack Level Monitoring
  • Waste Sump
  • Tanker Truck Filling
  • Water Storage Towers
  • Reactors