The TFS Series is a vibrating type level switch for use in all liquid and slurry applications such as overflow, high, low, and demanding applications, as well as pump protection.

The TFS Series is designed for industrial use in all areas of process technology and can be used with liquids and slurries. With a tuning fork insertion length of only 45 mm (1.77″) the TFS switch can be mounted in small pipes and applications with confined space. The TFS Series can be used in difficult conditions including turbulence, air bubbles, and foam.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Suitable for Thick Coating Liquid

Relay Delay Output 1-30 Sec


Power Supply                                24VDC
Output                                            SPST(Std) or PNP/NPN (Opt)
Medium Density                          > 0.6g/cm3
Operation Point                           Vertically inserted approx 1″ (25mm)
Oscillation Starting Time          About 3mm
Response Time                            About 1 seconds
Output                                           DC 30V /3A
Hysteresis settings                     About 3mm
Relay Delay Time                       1~505
Power Consumption                 < 1W
Process Connection                  ¾” NPT/G Thread
Electrical Connector                 M20x 1.5 (Electriccoated cable: 6-8mm)
Material to Contact Liquid      316 SS Coated PTFE Teflon®
Electrical Connection               Gland M16 x 1.5 (standard)