Integrating with the most sophisticated DCSs, HMI and SCADA systems in the world, WIN-911 delivers critical alarm alerts in real time
Dynamically responsive and highly configurable, WIN-911 can model any alarm notification workflow

WIN-911 direct connects provide native connections with leading SCADA, HMI and control systems enabling ease of configuration, performance optimization, and syncing of alarm acknowledgments and other data. Alarm subscriptions filter alerts into WIN-911, eliminating the need to maintain two databases for faster integration, simplified setup, and reduced maintenance.


  • Notification Options … All notification options support single or bi-directional communications, acknowledgments, and custom formats.
    • Mobile-911 Smart Phone Apps for Apple or Android
    • SMS Text – supports Ethernet and serial based cellular modems
    • Email –  Rich HTML or plain text (SMTP, POP, IMAP, SSL/TLS)
    • Voice – Text to speech, TAPI and VoIP (SIP) or analog phones (USB)
  • Escalation Engine
    • Drag and drop workflow creation
    • Vary notifications based on severity, acknowledgement, date and time, or any other configurable attributes
    • Create complex alarm escalation scenarios with rules based notification alarm workflows and if-then-else scenarios
  • Notification Management
    • Create dynamic alert schedules to cover rotating shifts, vacation requests and on-call status
    • Supports ‘if-then-else’ scenario planning for complex notification strategies and timely alarm escalation
  • Personnel Management
    • Unlimited contacts
    • Send alarms based on who is “on shift”
    • Role-based notification assignments
  • Scheduling
    • Easy to use calendar tools
    • Create complex rolling schedules
    • Create shift schedules
    • Web-based interface allows for quick schedule changes
  • Reporting
    • Report templates allow rapid configuration
    • Plain text or rich text
    • Schedule reports according to “rules” – fixed
    • Periods, alarm conditions, or data values
    • Receive reports on any device
  • Logging
    • View, sort and print alarm history
    • Logs include notification attempts, confirmation, acknowledgements, events and error codes
    • Annotate each line with “notes” feature
  • Localization
    • Localized in 9 languages = English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese. Includes software configuration, alarm delivery and alarm interaction