Jogler’s Specific Gravity Analyzers (SGAs) are a dependable and accurate method for measuring and sampling process liquid levels in virtually any application: – Acids – Caustics – Co-generation – Light Hydrocarbons – Beverages, etc.
Specific Gravity Analyzers are engineered for ease of installation and high reliability
SGAs present accurate visual verification of liquid density, can be cross-checked against temperature and are compatible with most requirements. Also, they require only small amounts of product for specific gravity measurement. SGAs are available in two standard configurations and two materials.
The hydrometer sleeve and sight tube are made of heavy wall borosilicate and the sight chamber is sealed with Teflon Super seals. The Jogler SGAs are equipped with 0.25” FNPT valves for flow control and sampling and the hydrometer is high-visibility and accurate. Installation and maintenance are engineered for simplicity and ease of use.