ISOIL MS3810 Hot-Tap Insertion Magnetic Flowmeter
Combines reliable full-pipe flow measurement with high accuracy, and ease of installation, even in pressurized lines.
• Accuracy to +/-2.5%
• Six sizes: 6, 12, 20, 28, 40 or 80″
• For pipe sizes 3 – 300″.
• Pressures to 360 PSI.
• Can be removed and reinstalled under pressure (when equipped with ball valve).
• “Push-in” type insertion/retractor assembly for quick profiling.
• Ideal for temporary measuring needs, monitoring and leak detection purposes.
• Optional pressure transducer.
• Volumetric flow rate measurement independent of fluid viscosity, density and temperature.
• No moving parts for zero maintenance.
• Bi-directional flow measurement.
• Every sensor is factory wet-calibrated.