The Conoflow HP300 High Pressure Regulator is designed to accurately control supply pressures up to 10,000 PSIG (69 MPa). This piston sensing, self-relieving regulator allows pressure setting reduction in a closed system by relieving downstream pressure through the regulator.
For hazardous media applications a non-relieving piston is offered. Where noncorrosive media are present, the HP300 Regulator is offered in both brass and stainless steel constructions. N.A.C.E. models are rated for a maximum supply pressure up to 6,000 PSIG (41.4 MPa). Each unit is supplied with 1/4″ inlet, outlet and two gauge ports. CGA cylinder connections are also available.
The HP300 Regulator provides excellent sensitivity through six control setting ranges: 8-500, 9-800, 10-1500, 15-2500, 25-4000, and 30-6000 PSIG (0.06-3.45, 0.062-5.52, 0.069-10.35, 0.104-17.25, 0.173-27.60, and 0.207-41.40 MPa). All of these regulated pressure ranges can be obtained from one regulator simply by interchanging range/sensor kits. Adjustment within each range is made by a large handwheel (standard) or by an optional “T” bar handle.
Designed for reliability with minimum maintenance, this unit is commonly used for instrument calibration, for corrosive gases, airline charging systems, cylinder gas regulation, process sampling systems, cylinder filling stations and other applications where rugged construction and accurate control of high pressure is required.