The HP500 Regulator is a self-contained, diaphragm sensing high purity regulator. A broad offering of materials of construction and five control pressure ranges allow use of this unit in applications that include the regulating of specialty gases, gas chromatography, research labs as well as the regulation of corrosive and noncorrosive gases and liquids.
Material options include brass, 316 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel. N.A.C.E., monel and hastelloy constructions are available upon request. The brass units are rated for a maximum supply pressure of 5,000 PSIG (34.5 MPa) and the stainless steel units are rated to 6,000 PSIG (41.4 MPa). Optional 15 Ra microinch wetted surfaces are available.
This high purity, pressure regulator is designed to accurately control pressure ranges of 4-25, 4-50, 5-100, 6-250, and 10-500 PSIG (0-0.173, 0-0.345, 0-0.690, 0-1.73, and 0-3.45 MPa). The HP500 has 1/4″ NPT inlet and outlet connections. Gauge ports are optional. To suit high purity applications, Vacuseal, VCR and Ultra Seal welded fittings are available. Adjustments within each range are made with a standard large handwheel.
A wrench style knob with a locking device and a “T” bar handle are optional adjustments.