Micro-DCI 53MC5000 Process Control Station

High performance multi-loop controller for any process application, from simple PID to the most complex control strategy—that’s the hallmark of the 53MC5000 controller. As the foundation of the Micro-DCI product family, it’s designed for real-time control, supervision, and process management.

Integration into plantwide systems can be achieved with the E-Port Ethernet Gateway, allowing you to connect 53MC5000 Controllers to MicroMod and third-party HMI software.
The 53MC5000 controller forms the basis of MicroMod’s WaterPAK series of pre-engineered packages.


  • A choice of one, two, or four-loop versions with expandable I/O up tp 16 DI/DO for advanced control functionality
  • Easier operation of any process, with a high-visibility graphic display accommodating standard or custom operating screens
  • Superior versatility—a library of standard configurations, easily modified from the front panel, can be expanded to accommodate custom control strategies
  • PLC/Printer option for direct communication with most popular PLCs and serial printers
  • Micro-Tools configuration software — allowing creation of user programs in a high-level language for batch and advanced control
  • Standard serial communications and optional high-speed, peer-to-peer redundant networks for seamless integration into virtually any plant-monitoring system—including MicroMod’s Micro-PWC software