Replaces Siemens/Moore 352 and 353 controllers
Upgrade to latest technology without changing form factor
Lower support & re-engineering costs
Easier, more informed operation

The 353 RetroPAK provides a pain-free migration path from Siemens/Moore 352 and 353 controllers to the latest technology.  It includes the features that made these controllers so popular combined with a bright, informative operator display.   In addition, it offers a host of other powerful features that make RetroPAK the logical choice for replacing aging 352 and 353 controllers.


  • Robust, highly visible display
  • Expanded operating and alarm information for better operations
  • State-of-the-art surface mount technology
  • Peer-to-peer, Modbus RS-485 and Ethernet Modbus/TCP communication
  • Fits same panel cut-out
  • 352/353 factory templates and function block library
  • Portable Memory Module option
  • 2-year Warranty