Fischer and Porter 53SL6000 Micro-DCI Process Controller

The 53SL6000 Micro-Mite is a highly versatile, cost-effective panel-mounted PID process controller that can provide a wide range of control loop applications, from basic to complex. Process information is presented clearly on the LED display and large pushbutton keys with tactile feedback make operation fast and easy.   The Micro-Mite comes with all control functionality included in the base unit, from single PID to cascade and override control with math and logic operations.  Additional I/O is easily added with plug-in modules.
Fully configurable through the easy-to-navigate front panel menus or PC configuration software, the Micro-Mite can be commissioned rapidly and then tuned using the Easy-Tune feature.  Serial communication options ensure easy integration into a control system.
The LoopMaster Configuration Software makes it quick and easy to program a Micro-Mite controller with on-screen configuration assistant, context-sensitive help, auto-documentation and point-&-clickstyle configuration.
With communication to a host PC using RS-485 and Micro-DCI Communications Services, the Micro-Mite is a system solution with a low installed cost and an unparalleled price-to-performance ratio.

53SL6000 “Micro-Mite” Controllers offer:

  • Unique versatility—expandable I/O capability
  • Standard control strategies, or strategies you customize from the front panel or with the incredibly easy-to-use LoopMaster software package
  • Exceptional PID, ratio, cascade and override control, as well as time proportioning, motorized valve, and heat/cool control
  • Built-in functions including math and logic, setpoint and hold, autotune, and function generator
  • Qty 8 standard control templates
  • Flexible control logic …easy set-up
  • Front panel configuration or easy configuration software
  • EASY-Tune™  PID self-tuning algorithm
  • Communication RS-232 , RS-485
  • Rugged NEMA 4 enclosure
  • 2-Year warranty