Canary Lab’s Axiom

Maximize your data historian by analyzing process data in the most advanced trending software available. Innovative, easy to use, and feature rich, Axiom will transform your ability to trend process data and gather knowledge from your data historian.


  • Ad Hoc Trends … Add or remove trends quickly using our browse dialog to pick which trends you want to view
  • Calculated Trends … Use standard calculator operations to add a calculated trend based on one or more trends
  • Link Scales/Bands … Link scales of two or more trends so their data is displayed between the same ranges. Link bands to overlap trends
  • Limit Lines … Set limit lines for a trend. Use limits to draw a horizontal line across the screen, to fill in space between a limit and the trend, or to change the color of the trend
  • Value Cursor … Use your cursor to hover over the chart and view the values as you move your mouse
  • Zoom … Quickly zoom in on a range of data to examine it more closely