badger_logo_200_85VN2000 Hot Tap and Compact Insertion Vortex Flowmeter

Constructed of solid stainless steel, the VN2000 flow meter’s heavy-duty construction stands up to the most abusive environments inside and outside the pipe. Its measuring element is constructed of a single piece of welded and machined stainless steel with non-wetted sensors and no internal O-rings or seals to allow steam to leak into the sensing electronic elements. The meter’s piezo-electric and temperature sensors never touch the process fluid as they are completely enclosed and protected in a stainless steel body, giving them an exceptionally long life span. Due to the durable design with no moving parts, the VN2000 meter does not require servicing and maintains accuracy for many years.

The VN2000 Hot Tap insertion vortex flow meter handles process temperatures up to 400F (204C), and can measure line sizes of 2-48 in. (50-1200 mm). For volumetric flow, the meter achieves an accuracy of ± 1.0% with repeatability of ± 0.25%. Vortex sizing application software determines the precise scaling factor for an application.

Features & Advantages:

  • Measure volumetric or mass flow rate of steam, gas or liquids
  • Standardize on an insertion bar that can measure line sizes 2…48 in.
  • Reduced noise interference with dual piezo-electric sensors and filtering
  • Standard model handles wide process temperature range
  • Reduced maintenance due to heavy duty welded stainless steel construction and O-ring-free element

For applications where downtime must be avoided, the new VN2000 Hot Tap insertion vortex flow meter can be installed or removed during operation, without shutting down the process. An optional Hot Tap insertion/extraction tool makes it easy to install the meter even in high pressure applications. The removable insertion/extraction tool is designed to eliminate the weight, bulkiness and equipment malfunction that may occur when insertion tools are permanently connected to the instrument. The VN2000 Compact meter is also easily installed using a mounting assembly with pin and an arrow machined into the mounting assembly that shows the direction of flow.