The UltraPro Ultrasonic level Sensors are 2-Wire loop powered sensors designed provide reliable accurate level measurement, flow monitoring, and volume of liquids in tanks, pits, sumps and open channels. The UltraPro series are very reliable and offer both 4-20mA analog output with HART® protocol or output RS-485 Modbus. Key Applications : Chemical Storage Tanks / Waste Sumps / Bulk Storage / Tanker Truck / Day Tank / Process Tank / Neutralization Tank / Open Channel / Chemical Feed and Clarifier Applications. The UltraPro Series are designed to work with most types of remote instrumentation and provide enhanced functionality such as remote displays and remote monitoring solutions. 


  • Accurate Non-Contact Continuous Level Measurement of liquids / Tanks / Sumps / Ranges up to 65 Feet
  • Quick View Display
  • Simple to Program / Easy Adjustment
  • False Echoes Elimination / (Self Teaching)
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Explosion Proof / Option Available
  • Analog Current output (4 -20mA) with HART® protocol or output RS–485 Modbus
  • Supply voltage 18 to 36 VDC
  • Bright Yellow LED Display
  • Lock-Out Feature
  • IP67