SRM Safety Relay Module provides a high level of availability for safety-critical applications and as a part of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). It has been developed following the IEC 61508 standard and is certified by exida for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL 2. The SRM is a relay repeater model that accepts a single contact closure input from a logic solver trip output such as the Moore Industries STA Safety Trip Alarm or the SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm Trip.

The SRM provides three contacts per alarm input, allowing you to add alarm contacts for your safety processes without special installation or configuration.

Force Guided Relay Unlike traditional multi-output off-the-shelf interposing relays, the SRM is built using a safety-rated relay with forcibly-guided contacts. This design is commonly used in control and safety systems where the logic of an application needs to detect the state of the output contacts. This is achieved by monitoring the state of the monitor contact that is also mechanically linked to the same armature as the output contacts.

A Force Guided Relay avoids the possibility of having contacts stuck in the Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) states at the same time. Also known as a Positively Guided Relay, the Force Guided Relay assures users that mechanical problems such as welded contacts won’t be missed.

Rugged Housing The SRM is housed in a DIN case that can be mounted on 35mm Top-Hat DIN-rail. The aluminum housing is more rugged and durable than safety relays housed in a plastic case.


  • exida certified to IEC 61508. exida has certified the SRM for single use in a Safety Instrumented System up to SIL 2.
  • Comprehensive FMEDA certified safety data.Upon request, exida-certifi ed FMEDA (Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostics Analysis) data is provided to be used by a competent functional safety practitioner to determine the SRM’s applicability in specific safety-related applications.
  • Visual diagnostic information. Front-panel LEDs provide diagnostic information, with three LED indicator lights that show the Input, Output and Power status. The panels provide an instant visual diagnostic on the SRM,  setting users quickly see if there are any potential problems.
  • Easy to install and configure. The SRM can be installed in a Safety Instrumented System with minimal wiring. Simply provide a contact closure input to the SRM and you get three process relay outputs. A monitor relay is also provided.
  • Input Snubber. The Contact Closure input circuit includes an internal snubbing diode across its relay coil, meaning there is no need for external suppression across the input terminals.
  • Fuse protection. Input power and all four relay outputs on the SRM are fuse protected.
  • RFI/EFI protection. Enhanced RF immunity up to 20V/m, 20-1000MHz when tested to IEC 61000-4-3.