The MV110 converter is mainly designed for application in water and HVAC markets or in other industrial markets where basic measurement requirements or output protocols are needed. Accuracy: ± 0,8% of the read value (on request ± 0,4% of the read value). Repeatability: ± 0,2% Programming through key pad on front plate or via PC connected through mini USB cable adapter Flexible mounting so that display can be seen from the top or form the front Galvanic separation: all inputs and outputs are separated one each other and with the power supply. Housing material: Nylon reinforced with 15% of fiber glass, or Aluminum Protection rate: IP 67 (on request IP68) Available functions: low flow rate cut-off, bidirectional measurement, peak cut-off, empty pipe detection, alarm limit etc. Available accessories: rechargeable backup battery (assures the measurement in case of power loss), 4 GB data logger, built-in Verificator (BIV) for electric characteristic of the sensor. It can be used in combination with any flanged or wafer Isomag® flow sensor.