OMNI pioneered flow computing based on maintaining a fixed calculation cycle time rather than task loading. Today’s OMNI flow computer still maintains a measurement calculation cycle time of 500ms that exceeds any industry requirements.

Calculations are carried out in double precision (64-bit), floating point format for greatest accuracy. Totalization integrity is assured through the well established industry practice of
triplicated (Tri-reg) storage and checking routines.

OMNI Features:

With its fast one second power-up recovery, field proven reliability, longevity, and usability, OMNI has the lowest cost of ownership in the business. The result of continuous end user requirement development, the OMNI track record stands alone protecting the interest of both buyer and seller in Custody Transfer measurements.

  • One second power up
  • Three year Limited Warranty
  • Crude Oil, Refined Products, LPGs,
    Anhydrous Ammonia, Ethylene,
    Chemical, Natural Gas, NGLs,
    Specialty Gases, Water and Steam
    Product selection
  • Stream, Batch and Station
  • Multiple Products with individual
    product totalizers
  • Multiple Batch Consolidation
  • Batch recalculation
  • Batch Stack – Product Scheduling
  • Automatic prove sequence control
  • All Meter Types: DP, PD, Turbine,
    Coriolis, Ultrasonic
  • K-Factor and Meter-Factor
  • Viscosity Linearization
  • All Prover types
  • Multiple I/O types, 4-20mA, 1-5V,
    HART, Honeywell DE, Rosemount
    MV, Coriolis MVS
  • Meter run and Station densitometer
  • Redundant Gas Chromatograph
  • Run Switching
  • Premium Billing
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Multiple Modbus/TCP and Modbus
    over Ethernet (Multiple socket) as
    well as conventional RS232/485
  • AC or DC powered
  • Configure from Keypad or PC
  • Multiple Metrological Approvals
  • Broad ambient temperature range
  • Calculations performed to 64 bit
    double precision accuracy
  • PID control loop with Primary and
    secondary control parameters
  • Virtual inputs for system simulation
    and testing
  • Unique on-board Help
  • Simple firmware upgrades