LF810 Stationary Ultrasonic Flowmeter for pipe sizes 1” to 24” (25mm to 600mm)
• Transit-Time Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter with remote electronics.
• Automatic Logging: Totaling over 64,000 event data (more than 1 month with 1 minute intervals)
• Multiple Outputs: Analog output, totalizing output, digital port for configuration, and RS-485 MODBUS (optional)
• Extra A-IN (optional): 1 port for passive analog input is available to log input data automatically
• Graphical Setup “EZ-Wizard” on PC: Parameter forms guides in slideshow sequence
• EZ-Translation: Configurable in any language locally on PC
• Status Signs: LCD indicates status and operating conditions without PC
• Echo-wave Monitoring on PC: Helps to identify ideal mounting positions of transducers