An economical open channel flow meter, iSonic 4000 measures level, flow rate and total volume of water flowing through weirs and flumes.  The meter includes a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor to detect the water level and then calculates the flow rate and volume using the Manning equation and characteristics of the channel.  All the measurements are available over Modbus RTU and can be logged for historical records.  Open channel flow meters perform best where the sediment does not build up.


  • Economical solution for open channel flow measurement
  • Simple setup for flumes and weirs
  • Easily connect up to most SCADA systems


  • Measure level, flow rate and total volume
  • Selectable pre-programmed formulas for flumes, weirs and other geometries
  • Non-contact ultrasonic level sensor
  • Data logging with selectable interval
  • Modbus RTU, BEACON and AquaCUE connectivity
  • Rugged IP67 powder coated aluminum enclosure