Industrial Turbo Meters

Industrial Turbo meters are ideally suited for the toughest flow conditions where continuous service and minimal maintenance are required. They  are available in various materials and pressure ratings and can be  combined with a large selection of Badger Meter accessories to suit numerous applications.


Pipe size: 2 to 6 in. (50.8 to 152.4 mm)
Flow range: 8 to 2000 gpm (3.8 to 7570 lpm) 
Operating pressure: up to 300 psi
Accuracy: ± 1.5% 
Repeatability: ± 0.25% 
Temperature range: –30 to 250° F (–34.4 to 121.1° C)

Industries Served:

Water & wastewater 
Process water
Low viscosity fluids