Flo-Tech MC4000 Diagnostic Testers

The Flo-tech MC4000 is a hand-held hydraulic analyzer that offers instant and recordable diagnostics. It has inputs for two pressure sensors, one temperature sensor, one flow sensor, and one active pick-up for RPM measurements. Four sensors can be connected at the same time and the measurements displayed in four windows of the LCD display in preselected process units according to US or DIN norms.


  • Handheld hydraulic analyzer offers instant and recordable diagnostics
  • Hydraulic horsepower calculations
  • Measures fast transients
  • Flow sensor linearization
  • 2.5 MB data logging capacity
  • Five sensor inputs, including:
    • Turbine flow sensor
    • Two pressure sensors
    • Temperature sensor
    • RPM speed indicator


Temperature Range –4…300 °F
Flow Range 0.4…160 gpm
Pressure Range Up to 5800 PSI
Accuracy ± 1 %


  • Hydraulic Components
  • Mobile and Stationary Hydraulic Equipment
  • Hydraulic System Diagnostics
  • Hydraulic System Performance
  • Small Hydraulic Test Benches


  • Process or Industrial