Ellipse (Annular Threaded Steam) Multi-Ported, Self-Averaging Differential Pitot Tube Pressure Flow Element (Model AS)

The flow element has a two piece construction, of an elliptical shape with two 100% independent flow sensing chambers to prevent signal degradation and mixing or that require dampening hardware or software. The impact velocity sensing holes are located along the leading edge and the true static sensing holes are on the exterior probe side. The probe does not generate any vortices or vacuum effects that impinge on the static pressure measurement sensing area and has a drag coefficient of 0.32 or less. Each flow sensor is complete with instrument shut off valves with provisions to accept a transmitter or direct indicating meter. An identification tag is supplied with specific flow station measurement information as required.

All sensing elements are 316/316L stainless steel. The mounting coupling is the same material as the process pipe material. The station is rated to 480° F (250° C) and 600 PSIG (4100 kPa) and is selected to meet actual design conditions.

All sensors are furnished with 1/2″ instrument gate valves (class 800), threaded cross tees, threaded weld fitting, compression fitting, and ID tag as standard equipment. Available options include: Integral 3-valve or 5-valve transmitter mount manifold and integral RTD temperature sensor.


  • Steam Flow