DXN Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The DXN Portable Ultrasonic Flow and Energy Meter is a true hybrid instrument capable of measuring liquid flow with multiple technologies … Hybrid Technology allows for automatic Transit-time and Doppler switching
Liquid thermal (heat/energy) flow
Built-in wall thickness gauge
World’s only touch screen portable ultrasonic meter… can accommodate gloved operation
Water and dust resistant (IP64)
Energy measurement
Pipe sizes  ½ inch and larger
Analog Inputs/Outputs Energy / Temperature (2) tab type PT1000 RTDs
Current output 4-20Ma
Digital output rate pulse 0 to 1000 Hz Total pulse: 33 ms duration
Digital Input Totalizer reset, external pull-up, software enabled
Auxiliary Inputs Voltage input 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V
Voltage Output 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V
Velocity Range  Transit-time Bi-directional to 40 FPS (12 MPS)
Doppler  Uni-directional to 40 FPS (12 MPS)
Display   800 x 480 WVGA color outdoor readable display
Accuracy  Transit-time ±1% of reading or ±0.01 FPS (0.003 MPS)
Doppler 2% of full scale
Update  time  0.1 to 10 seconds update/filter rate
Temperature accuracy Absolute 0.5⁰F (1⁰C)
Difference 0.2⁰F (0.5⁰C)
Resolution 0.02⁰F (0.01⁰C)
Logging   greater than 300 sites stored in 1 GB, download to USB flash drive
Power requirements 10 to 30Vdc, 40W minimum 3.6 re-settable fuse
Battery Internal 11.1V lithium ion battery, 75 W-hr. Provides 6 to 9 hours of continuous operation with battery and indefinitely on extern power