Cox Turbine Signal Conditioning Amplifiers

Cox signal conditioning amplifiers (SCAs) accept low level pickoff signals and produce a stable, amplified pulse output. These SCAs are designed for magnetic or radio frequency (RF) pickoffs and are provided in multiple product configurations:
MS plug-in connector
Standalone wire terminal puck
Wire terminal puck in explosion-proof housing and pickoff 
Wire terminal puck in NEMA 4 rated box


Cox SCAs were primarily designed to maintain signal integrity when greater transmission distance is required from the flow meter pickoff. Additionally, they can provide an added layer of protection from signal distortion in environments with higher levels of ambient electrical noise from various flow processes, such as, but not limited to:
Fluorescent Lighting
Wireless Devices

Operating Principle:

Flow meter frequency output is fed into the signal conditioning amplifier, which in turn produces a stable, amplified pulse output. Unscaled, amplified pulse data is then fed into a pulse counting indicator or a data acquisition system. The receiving device must scale the amplified, square wave signal into a volumetric unit of measurement.