Cox FC30 Flow Computers

Cox FC30 flow computers service both liquid and gas applications. The FC30 features batching, 40-point flow meter linearization tables, and temperature viscosity correction using Strouhal/Roshko advanced linearization methods and multiple flow and control inputs. Relay outputs are independently assignable for alarms and general purpose warnings. The FC30 has serial communications, both RS232 and 485, and isolated analog and pulse outputs.


  • Data log, print or communicate with a host PC
  • Analog and pulse outputs are isolated to protect flow data from electrical noise
  • Preset tables allow for multiple fluid selections to minimize downtime between fluid changes
  • Temperature fluid viscosity compensation and bore diameter corrections are accomplished using
  • Strouhal/Roshko equations
  • During a startup, users can print out the system configuration, monitor inputs and exercise outputs
  • Several batching functions are available to provide compensation options in the batching process


  • EIA-232/485 Serial Communication
  • Multiple Isolated Outputs
  • 10 Selectable Fluid Tables
  • Precision Temperature Compensation Methods
  • Service/Test Mode
  • Batching