The 7500 series system consists of a control unit, an enclosure protection vent, and manual or automatic manifold. The control unit has a touch screen display that is menu driven and will easily guide the user in selecting pre-programmed and user-selected variables. The 7500 can be used with a digital valve/manifold system like the 5500-MAN-… unit to make a fully automatic system. The enclosure pressure and leakage can be monitored and, in the event of a loss in enclosure pressure, the solenoid valve can engage to restore the defined pressure settings and/or alarm for the pressure drop. An easy-to-see display also has 4 LEDs for system condition indication from a distance.


  • Low cost, compact design, easy to use
  • Universal power: AC or DC
  • Touch screen display with LEDs for easy visual indication
  • Easy setup with pre-set purge programs for your application
  • Automatic pressure compensation with digital manifold
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant housing
  • Global third-party approvals for Class I, II, Div. 2 and Zone 2/22